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            Products » Ovens

            > Main Features

            Color: Stainless steel

            Fuel: Full electric

            Installation: Built-in

            Width: 60 cm

            Oven cavity

            Main Oven type Electric multifunction
            Main Oven functions Static, Lower element, Fan assisted, Lower element + Fan, Grill + Fan
            Oven convection fans 1
            Enamel Easy to Clean
            Enamel color Black
            Smooth oven interior Available
            Oven control device Touch control programmer
            Cooling fan Standard
            Door type Patented easy to remove inner glasses
            Glasses 2
            Main Oven lights 1


            Main Oven wire shelves 1
            Main Enamelled trays 1
            Main Deep trays 1

            Connections and Warranty

            Voltage -- Frequency 220/240 -- 50/60